Case History – Wearables design

A sophisticated smartwatch designed for user safety and well-being.

It is a smartwatch used to monitor and control the well-being and safety of the user thanks to the analysis and interpretation of heart rate data, skin temperature, proximity and fall. The bracelet is made of soft TPE material and the three status LEDs indicate the device’s activities. The product connects bluetooth to a dedicated app.


After a phase of confrontation with the client that served to understand the commercial idea at the base, we proposed different strategies (concept design) each of which with a different approach and philosophy.

Product development

The mechanical design has interacted and collaborated with the electronic design through a constant and constructive comparison that has allowed to find effective solutions.


Once the production technology best suited to the customer’s needs has been identified, the production equipment (injection molds) was produced by one of our trusted partners.


We directly follow the production ensuring the quality of all the plastic components of the product.


Sometimes a video rendering of the 3D model is more exhaustive than any other communication system: in this short animation the main features of the product are shown.

Consumer portfolio