Case History – Wearables

A smartwatch designed for user’s care and well-being.

It is a care smartwatch used to monitor and control the user’s well-being thanks to the analysis of different factors such as heart beat, skin temperature, proximity and tumble. The bracelet is made of soft material, and three status LEDs indicate the device work, controllable using a dedicated app.


After a brief phase with the client and an analisys of the market and competitors we sketched and propose several concepts.

3D Modelling

3D Model has been made accordingly to design concepts and production constraints.


During the engineerization we optimize the CAD models to prevent problems during production.


We made a still life photo of the final product.


This is the injection mold that we made with our partner to support customer in the production. 


To promote the bracelet we have made a 3D model video render: a short animation to show the main features of the product.

Consumer portfolio